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Amplify Your Auctions

Gavl Live Auctions is a purpose made live streaming app and website for the real estate industry. It allows Real Estate agents to broadcast auctions in absolute real time to potential buyers. Buyers are able to browse listings, shortlist properties, watch auctions without having to physically be there and receive live results of auctions seconds after their completion.

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Win More Listings

With the ability to broadcast your auction to anyone in the world, not only may potential buyers be watching, but also potential vendors. Your auction performance effectively represents a sales pitch to anyone considering selling their home. A great opportunity to use streamed auctions as a way to win listings and build profile.

Broadcast to the world

Build your profile

Win more listings

Promote Your Agency

GAVL can help you generate thousands of viewers for your auctions – helping build the profile of your brand, agency, auctioneers and auctions.

Allow Remote Buyers To Watch

Broaden the audience of your auction to those who can’t physically attend. Buyers using advocates, phone bidders, interstate and international bidders can now watch and be involved in the auction.

Passed In Safeguard

Speak to new leads in realtime

GAVL allows you to communicate in real time with those bidding, watching an auction and passed in followers. All at the flick of a button.


Gavl allows agents to digitize the previously handwritten bid tracking process. By digitizing the bid tracking, we are able to provide analytics on auction bidding behaviour, as well as communicate to your agency auction results as they happen.


With a suite of tools to help you expand an auctions audience, generate leads and create auction insights, you will be better positioned to manage your vendor come auction day. Not only that, vendors will be able to watch the auction unfold for themselves – helping manage their anxiety and expectations.

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